In 21+ years of professional experience, one of the mottos that best describes Valentin’s style is: “Creativity allows for mistakes; Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams said that what he strives for most is for Honesty to always be present in his art.

Valentin's digital painting approach is similar to that of Jackson Pollock. His works begin with a session of spontaneity followed by creative instinct in applying the brushes to his traditional or digital canvases. That results in “happy-accidents” as he likes to call them; those are used to suggest the gamma in every work. That initial session of inspired/instinctual painting helps him enter a calm state, trying to ignore the instinct to control with the color-theory he learned from his painter-mom, college or years of teaching painting. After that first session, all the anatomy measurements, rules of composing the space come into play, and the result is nothing short of amazing, if you ask us!