Oscar Saldarriaga was born in Medellin - Colombia and is a freelance digital artist, co-founder and art director in studio FORJA. His clients include McCann Erickson, La Red 360, Parque Explora, Grupo Nutresa, Noel, Alcaldia de Medellin,  Instituto de Investigacion de Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt Colombia, EPM, UNE, Chikitek SAS (Games), Silver Cow Games.

Since childhood he was noted for his high creativity and ability to generate fantastic stories from his imagination which he wanted  to capture and share with others. At 22 years old Oscar decided to become a digital artist. His studies included multimedia development, digital graphics, game development and pedagogy. Oscar mentored under illustrator Mauricio Herrera (The grimlock) and spent years in the endless pursuit of improvement in the representation of ideas through illustration and related digital techniques.

Oscar decided to support the art industry in his country by forming creative events which eventually became studio FORJA; a leader enterprise in Colombia on the subject of illustration. During his six years there he became an expert on scientific and commercial illustration relating to entertainment industry. His work has been used in video games, movies, television, books, games, packaging, products and magazines. His main interest are the science fiction and fantasy themes from very child always attracted.