This extraordinary Finnish Concept Artist and Painter is married to her Wacom tablet. In addition to being a creative professional, Kirsi Salonen has been pursuing her fantasy/fiction writing with her massive project 'Ordera'.

For over 10 years Kirsi Salonen has been producing visually stunning works for world's top publications. Many of her works are (dark) fantasy art. She hopes to find that unique touch in every work she makes, to give something new to familiar subjects, but more so not so familiar ones.Blazing and rich stories and heart-breaking fates and creatures are all out there waiting to be painted and told. In other words, telling a story in one frame is her key method.

Kirsi also thinks that using effective lights and strong colour schemes and still growing an idea from simple feelings and giving them a Face and a stage makes the picture really rock. The main goal and highest prize is the successful emotion it creates when looking at the piece. Maybe making you wonder about things in another perspective and even get touched by the work.

What she deals with is controversy, nature, duality, the hidden aspects of humanity, the violence that persists in the soul that sees injustice, and the empathic part of the heart that doesn't give up when things get hard. And in these modern times, that is more than hard to maintain. The battle of survival is not an illusion, it happens between the emptiness of the powers controlling us all from the inside, and the universal understanding of pain and love for truth and freedom, which connects all life together.