Gregbo Watson is an award-winning artist and illustrator with over 18 years experience working with clients world-wide. Over the course of his career, Gregbo’s work has been used by national brands, featured in museum exhibitions, and published internationally. He studied watercolor at the Museum School of Art and illustration at the Visual Art Institute (Both in Upstate, SC). After being classically trained as an illustrator, he took the leap into digital art and illustration. Self-teaching himself to use software, such as Manga Studio and Adobe Creative Suite, he has combined his traditional art training with digital tools to produce his artwork.

His favorite artistic tools are his Apple MacBook Pro, Wacom tablet, Adobe Creative Suite, and Manga Studio.

Having a love for both the whimsical and the scary, his work is influenced by the art from classic children’s books of his youth and/or creepy, eerie stories he was told as a child. Growing up in the Carolina foothills, he was raised on regional mountain folklore filled with quirky characters, twist endings, and dark humor. Halloween is obviously his favorite holiday.

Gregbo does commissions and works on freelance projects from his studio in Easley, SC. He has worked on projects for Marvel Comics, Zenescope Entertainment, Upper Deck, among others. Some of his credits include: “Alice In Wonderland” 10th Anniversary One-Shot, “Death” 10th Anniversary One-Shot, “Wonderland : Down The Rabbit Hole” (mini-series), “Grimm Fairy Tales” Holiday Special, “Van Helsing Vs. Dracula” (Cover), “Grimm Tales of Terror” (Cover).

Specialties:Illustration, Digital Art, Pinup Art, Digital Painting, Fantasy Art, Comic Book Art, Children's Book Art, Sequential Art, Character Design, Art & Design for Children/Kids/Teen/Young Adult, Dark Gothic Art, Horror/Sci-Fi Art, Concept Art, Editorial Illustration, Video Game Art & Story Boards, Book Illustration, Creative, Art Direction