I've always been doodling all of my life and in 2011 I had a steady job working sales for a juice manufacturer and married with a baby on the way and I decided after watching the documentary "A Pixar Story" that I wanted to quit my job and pursue art seriously.

Of course it wasn't that simple but through time and dedication I was able to do just that. I took some life drawing classes at a local community college in orange county and began to study traditional and 3d animation, I transferred to Academy of Art University and after a couple terms transferred to Art Center College of Design where I will be graduating in 2016. I started working for an advertising agency that did finishing on movie posters in 2015 and got to work on some really fun movie posters and ads for films like "Zootopia" and "The Revenant".

I began to pick up freelance work for video games, feature films and television and I'm so grateful for all the work and experience I've had so far and look forward to growing and progressing. My goal has always been to Art Direct, there's so much that goes into Art Direction that I know I will always be growing and struggling with all that goes into developing a "look" that works for the story being told. That's what excites me in this industry.