Ali Kiani Amin is a internationally renowned Concept Artist and Character Designer specializing in pre-visualization of environments and Sci-fi characters in the animation, graphic novel and video game industry. He has been traditionally trained as a figurative painter and finds inspiration in ancient dreams & Sci-fi imagery. Ali has been working in the animation industry since 2000 as Pre-Production, 3D Artist, Lead Pencil Artist and an Art Director. His incredible imagination and vision translates into extraordinary characters and illustrations. 

Ali’s artworks are published in many publications including: 2D Artist magazine, Imagine FX magazine, OSCURO: Legendary Art of Saturno Butto and Dark Masters and the Prime book by 3D Total. Ali's artwork “Putrefaction of king Ajidahak" was selected as the winning entry for a contest held at called “Dragon’s Lair” judged by legendary illustrator and artist John Howe of Lord of the Rings. In 2013, Ali published his first book "Character and concept design inspirations & techniques". 

He likes topics of autopsy, death & afterlife and ancient black magic, but today he believes in shining consciousness which saves unification of the world. That is why light and atmosphere are two major elements in his paintings.