Hello everybody! 

I was born in Samara, Russia. I’m 37 years old. Had graduate a university with specialization senior system program engineer.

First i have start to work as freelance web, logo, corporate ID, print and graphic designer, and working in this area from 2001 till 2008. After that i was go to local art school where study art and paint during 3 years. From 2011 till current time i’m working as freelance illustrator, caricaturist and portrait artist. Mostly drawing in digital but continue to keep practice with traditional media for don’t forget feeling live materials. My goal is to keep using traditional technique in digital media and keep traditional approach of drawing in digital world.

I have clients in many countries from Russia till USA. I was done commissions for local companies clients, collaborate with some mobile software development team here in Russia and worked as artist for different companies and clients in Australia, America, Canada, England. I have done art for actor, master mentalist and magician Jordan Thompson, collaborating with famous in Facebook group about two cats Oskar and Klaus for whom I'm doing art for these two cats, we have been publish a book telling about their stories and adventures and preparing to publish their second book. Some my caricatures published on magazines, American Humor issue featuring my illustration of Lucille Ball and was awarded 1st place for Best PR Publication Cover in Oklahoma state's Society of Professional Journalists competition.

I have been a part of Gioconda project and my illustration of Gioconda was shown in Exhibition Cultural Center Azuqueca in Spain and also published in digital book "Gioconda Project». Portrait of soviet and georgian actor a Kaxi Kavsadze was a part of his exhibition for his 80 years jubilee. I am a part of wittygraphy.com and caricaturama showdown 3000 community where my caricatures periodically took first, second and third places.

I produce video tutorials and step by step tutorials of my drawing process.

I have a own patreon page where people can support me and help produce more creative art: https://www.patreon.com/alexnovo

All the best, Alex!